All products carry a minimum 5 year warranty period.

We stand behind our mats, and you can rest-assured with our comprehensive guarantee. Please contact us if you have any concerns or are unhappy with your product. We are committed to making sure you remain one of our valued, satisfied customers.

Our Policy

(a) Repair or replace any product we supply that is faulty in any way.
(b) Repair or provide full replacement for the length of the guarantee period*.
(c) Provide a 5 year guarantee period for all infills of aluminium bar mats.
*Note: Providing the mat has been regularly cleaned as per instructions (excluding fair wear and tear).


Alumat 10 I Series
Alumat 10 D Series
Alumat 10 DO Series

Extended Warranty

Our heavy duty mats have an extended warranty of ten years on the aluminium base. Provided the mat has been installed on a level surface with no abusive treatment, we can recondition the mat for you with new infills to look and perform as new. The cost will only be around 30% of a new mat replacement. As long as the frames remain sound, we can refurbish them for you over and over again.

Extended guarantee mats made with our heavy-duty profiles (1.8mm to 3.0mm), are further guaranteed to be suitable for at least one full refurbishment so adding years more life.

10-year frame warranty:

Alumat 10 W Series
Alumat 10 WD Series
Alumat 10 WDO Series

20-year frame warranty:

Alumat 15 I Series
Alumat 15 D Series
Alumat 15 WD Series
Alumat 15 DO Series

Warranty Guide

Download our warranty guide.
(PDF, 0.4MB)