Cost effective, heavy duty with wide profile and draining.

Mat Features

  1. All the features of Alumat 10 W with the addition of draining channels.
  2. Extra heavy duty frames have 10 year refurbishable warranty.
  3. Can be used directly on the floor with ramping profile or in 10mm deep (+/- 2mm) mat.
  4. Exceeds all fire safety requirements (EN ISO 9239 -1 Critical Flux 8≥Kw/m2)

Mat Overview

Alumat 10 WD is a new addition that comes with our special ten-year warranty on frames. It is designed to last for many years, decades even. Being fully supported and of an extra thick profile, it will last and last. Infills have the usual five-year wear warranty, but our HD mat frames can be refurbished with new infills to look and perform as new, for only around 30% of the new mat price.

Being shallow (just 8 to 10mm), it can be fitted within most tile recesses or a shallow mat well. If there is no recess, Alumat 10WD can be supplied with our own special ramping option. This is unique as it is prefitted with invisible locks. The result is the mitres are perfectly aligned before they leave our factory. You will have no additional costly labour to fit ramps separately, and no ill-fitting joints. They will be perfect and seemless. As with all of our aluminium entrance mats, we use only the best materials, silver anodised 6063-T5 exterior grade magnesium alloy, and non-shrink Vebe Flame Retardant ribbed infills made in the Netherlands.

Alumat 10 WD series mats are covered by our standard 5-year wear warranty on infills, and our 10-year base refurbishment guarantee.


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Technical Drawings


Alumat 10 WD Series

Height 10mm
Weight 11.1 kg/sq m
Construction Interlocking
Profile Width 56mm
Infill Width 48mm
Infill Width % 69%
Location Inside or outside
Crush Resistance 2,000 kg/sq m
Fire Resistance ISO9239-1 compliant

Infill Options