For deeper recesses with draining channels.

Mat Features

  1. Designed for mat wells 15-20mm deep.
  2. Extra heavy duty frames have 20 year refurbishable warranty.
  3. Ideal for use inside or outside in weather-exposed situations.
  4. Exceeds all fire safety requirements (EN ISO 9239 -1 Critical Flux 8≥Kw/m2)

Mat Overview

Alumat 15 D is an intense-wear mat of closed construction with water drain channels designed to fit into a 15-20mm deep mat well, in both inside and outside environments. Being fully supported and of an extra thick profile, it will last and last. Infills have the usual five-year wear warranty, but our HD mat frames can be refurbished with new infills to look and perform as new, for only around 30% of the new mat price.

Its unique draining and closed construction enables improved water handling ability with no fall-through or under-mat soiling. For ongoing maintenance, only surface cleaning is required to keep the mat in good condition.

Fully customisable, Alumat 15 D can be easily made into irregular shapes if required. As with all of our aluminium entrance mats, we use only the best materials, silver anodised 6063-T5 exterior grade magnesium alloy, and non-shrink Vebe Flame Retardant ribbed infills made in the Netherlands.

Alumat 15 D series mats are covered by our standard 5-year wear warranty on infills, and our 20-year base refurbishment guarantee.


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Technical Drawings


Alumat 15 D Series

Height 15mm
Weight 20.5 kg/sq m
Construction Interlocking
Profile Width 50mm
Infill Width 28mm
Infill Width % 60%
Location Inside or outside
Crush Resistance 2,000 kg/sq m
Fire Resistance ISO9239-1 compliant

Infill Options