Creative solutions for your building interior.

Commercial mats can play a vital part in providing safety, reducing cleaning costs, and preventing the ingress of dirt to other areas of your building. Requirements are, a mat that can stand the demands of intense wear situations and can effectively deal with containing foot traffic carrying water and dirt.

An effective and attractive matting system however, can create a more welcoming entrance area for both visitors and staff alike. It will assist with slip reduction and it plays a vital role in reducing cleaning costs.

  • Reduce Marks & Stains

    Dirt, grit and water tracked into a building on the soles of shoes leaves unsightly marks and stains. Commercial mats trap dirt and debris, keeping floors and carpeted areas clean.

  • Reduce Hazards

    Dirty and wet floors are hazardous in terms of potential slips. Commercial mats keep the commercial area of your building clean and safe.

  • Reduce Cleaning Costs

    An effective matting system can stop the spread of water and dirt inside your building entrance, reducing overall cleaning and maintenance costs.