Vodafone choose entrance mats for new retail store.

The new Vodafone and Kathmandu Stores in Tuam Street, Christchurch have Alumat 10 WD mats installed for three revolving door entrances. The range of draining mats made by Alumat have a unique combination of features that move water from the surface to keep interiors drier, but do not allow water and contaminates to drop through to soil the underside of the mats.

Rigid polypropylene ribs scrape incoming dirt and water from shoes and allow water to accumulate in channels so foot pressure does not re-release the water. As the mat has a solid base overlaid fully with rubber, nothing can fall through, and the structure gives softer and more even ‘clatter-free’ support.

Many are recognising the benefits of this new ‘closed draining’ system, not just for outside situations but also for sheltered inside situations subjected to heavy traffic where there is a need for increased performance.

Other mats using the ‘closed draining’ system are Alumat 10 D and the recently-added Alumat 15 D where deeper and even more robust treatment is required.

Product Used

Alumat 10 DW Series

Cost effective, heavy duty with wide profile and draining.

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