NIWA Whangarei

NIWA Whangarei

Alumat Modul modular tiles, the ideal choice for NIWA, Whangarei

Alumat Modul was selected for this installation.  Modul is an easy to install modular tile that is low profile at just 8 to 10mms high.  This enabled flush fitting adjacent to the other low profile floor coverings, without the need for a set down or ramping.

Modul is crush proof, and although a shallow, product, it is capable of carrying heavy rolling loads.

The combination of ribbed polypropylene infills, coupled with rigid scraper bars and water collection channels, combine to keep interiors clean of dirt and moisture.

Repair, if ever needed, is easy and installation in tight situations, such as lobbies is simple with this easy to click together modular system.

Product Used

Alumat Modul

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