Low profile entrance matting with open draining construction.  Suitable for areas subjected to heavy water flows over drained mat wells.

Key Features

  • All the features of Alumat 10 W matting, with open draining channels
  • Can be used both inside and exterior situations
  • Ramping options available
  • Compatible with other Alumat 10 series mats, including 10I, 10D, 10 W, and 10WD
  • Exceeds Fire Safety requirements

Alumat 10DO is covered by our standard 5 year wear warranty.

Mat Overview

Alumat 10WDO is a shallow entrance mat ( just 8 -10mms) The key difference to other low profile mats is that 10WDO is open draining, enabling installation over grating, enabling surface water to be channelled under the mat to a drainage system 10 WDO is similar to 10DO but has a wider infill option


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Technical Drawings


Alumat 10 WDO Series

Height 10mm
Weight 8.9 kg/sq m
Construction Interlocking
Profile Width 72mm
Infill Width 50mm
Infill Width % 69%
Location Inside or outside
Crush Resistance 1,000 kg/sq m
Fire Resistance ISO9239-1 compliant

Infill Options