Advanced water ingress and drop-through protection.

Often closed-construction matting does not cope with the volume of water. Fibres can only absorb so much, before they release it with foot pressure if there is nowhere else for water to go. It is a misconception that more absorbent fibre work best – the fact is what absorbs water easiest, will also release it when it is compressed, much like a sponge.

Open draining mats can clear water away, but then there is the problem of under mat soiling and difficulties with cleaning. The shape, size and location of some mats can make uplifting the mat almost impossible, so often unhygienic ‘contaminants’ that really should be removed, remain where they have been deposited.

  • Why Superior?

    Alumat has provided a perfect solution, a combination using the best of these two basic types. A range of closed construction mats, with water drainage channels. This type of mat is available now in the full range of Alumat mat sizes, from 8-10mm deep through to 20mm deep.

  • How It Works

    These mats enable water to move clear of the walking surface so foot pressure does not release the water again. Alternating drain channels allow water to collect to be drained or left to evaporate without penetrating under the mat. Deeper versions of the range such as AL15 HDD provide elevated infills to keep the surface drier and can even have drainage fitted to the mat well.

  • Reduce Cleaning Costs

    When cleaning is required, the mats can be uplifted for off-site cleaning, if desired, but they do not need to be. Thorough cleaning can be carried out from the surface to get rid of all contaminants as nothing will have fallen through. Alumat provides an ideal solution that not only looks great, and works better to keep interiors both clean and dry with a minimum of maintenance.